Student Life and Leadership

Start a New Student Org.

How to Start a New Student Organization

Congratulations on taking the step to become a student leader at IPFW. By starting a new student organization, you will be helping enrich the culture at IPFW and increasing the number of extracurricular opportunities available to your peers. Below, you will find all the necessary tools for starting up a new organization.

1. Become Chartered

The first step in the process is to become chartered by Student Government. The Chartering and Recognition Process outlines what to expect and what is expected of you.

a. Write a Constitution

A big part of the process includes creating a document that governs your organization. You may use this Constitution Template as a starting point for drafting your organization's official constitution.

There is some information that must be present in your group's constitution in order to be approved by Student Senate and become chartered; as you create the document, be sure to follow these 18 Guidelines

b. Get the Constitution Approved

Once you have a final draft, submit it to the student body Vice President of Legislation using the Student Senate Charter Request Form. Once submitted, your constitution will be reviewed by the Senate Student Affairs Committee, who may recommend changes. Once your constitution passes committee, it will be sent on to Student Senate for final approval.

2. Complete the Annual Recognition Process

a. Choose an Advisor

The advisor can be any IPFW staff or faculty member who is willing to commit to your group. The following Advisor Responsibility Form outlines what being an advisor entails and the official forms that your organization's advisor must complete in order to be a recognized organization.

b. Fill Out a Report Form

Once you have been chartered by the IPSGA Student Senate, you must complete a Report Form and submit it to the SORC in Walb Union 214. This document is vital to the recognition process; it is also extremely important that your group updates the report form if there is a change in officers so that new officers can access funds through the Bursar.

    c. Attend Training

    Each year, presidents and treasurers must attend a seperate Student Org Officer Training session. Most organizations will attend a fall training, but we also will have a spring session for new organizations and for groups with new officers who want to schedule events over the summer.


    If you have any questions about the chartering and recognition process, please feel free to contact the Activities Coordinator or the Vice President of Legislation.