Student Success and Transitions

Polytechnic Pathway

Students who choose the Polytechnic Pathway enjoy working with their hands and like to “tinker” with electronic devices, motorized vehicles, computers, etc. Many people within this pathway like learning practical technical skills and want to use science to make things better and/or more efficient. Those who choose this pathway tend to be inquisitive and enjoy the design, development and management of projects ranging from manufacturing and electrical systems to databases and computer systems. Those who have an interest in construction and the operation end as well as the creation of a project plan to help meet the needs of organizations, enterprise or society are found within this pathway.

Related Majors:

Computer Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology

Related Careers:

Civil Engineering Technologist, Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technologist, Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Computer Engineering/Computer Systems Technologist, Information Technology Services Employee, Manager, Land Surveyor,  Construction Manager, Architectural Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Systems Science Engineer

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