Academic Information Change (Form 42)

IPFW is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity university.
Please Note: International Students changing Universities or degree status and non-degree students changing to degree-seeking status should be directed to the IPFW Admissions Office. ( Fields marked with a Required are required in order to submit for processing)

Student Information
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Academic Changes

University Changes made after the first day of the term will be effective for the next term.

Catalog Term
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Change Program
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Degree 2
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Major 2
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Minor 1
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Minor 2
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Minor 3
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Concentration 1
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Concentration 2
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Concentration 3
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For Major Changes: When making a major change, please check Banner for any Minors which need to be carried forward with the new major and verify with the student. You may indicate the minors by using the Minor field(s) above in the form or by using the "Notes" text box and request to "carry forward" all minors from the previous major.

Advisor Information

Classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) should be updated by the academic unit in Banner on the SGASADD form.

   Primary Advisor    School/College/Div Advisor
   Faculty Advisor   Second Degree Advisor
   Lead Advisor   Second Major Advisor
   Alternate Advisor   Minor Advisor
Notes about Advisor Assignment: