Question 1

If a student's parent calls asking how a student is doing in a class, can you give out that information?

Yes  |  No

Question 2

You receive a call from a recruiting firm asking for names and addresses of students with a GPA of 3.0 or better. They say they have good job information for these students. Can you help these students get jobs by giving out this information?

Yes  |  No

Question 3

A person comes to the College of Arts and Sciences office with a letter containing a signature that gives consent to release the transcript of a student. Do you give the transcript to them?

Yes |  No

Question 4

You receive a phone call from the local police department indicating that they are trying to determine whether a particular student was in attendance on a specific day. Since they are in the middle of a investigation are you allowed to give them this information?

Yes  No

Question 5

You get a frantic phone call from an individual who says the he is a student's father and must get in touch with her immediately because of a family emergency. Can you tell him when and where her next class is today?

Yes |  No

Question 6

Is it wrong for professors to leave graded exams, papers, etc. outside their office for students to pick up?

Yes |  No

Question 7

An unauthorized person retrieves information from a computer screen that was left unattended. Under FERPA, is the institution responsible?

Yes |  No