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Congratulations to our Peer Leaders!

Honors ConvocationThe 2013 Honors Convocation honors the best and brightest of IPFW's students, recognizing those who achieved the Semester Honors List or the Dean's List for the 2012-2013 academic year.

MAC is pleased to report that 10 of our 13 Peer Leaders received honors at this event! Keep up the great work, guys. We're very proud of you!

Congratulations, Paul!

Student Employee of the Year 2013The Mastodon Advising Center has many wonderful and talented student workers, and MAC nominated Peer Advisors Paul Hastings and Taylor Goodpaster, and Student Receptionist Makendra Mobley for the 2013 Student Employee of the Year award.

MAC was delighted to hear that our Paul Hastings was selected as the top undergraduate student, and won the IPFW Student Employee of the Year Award for 2013!

The award was presented to Paul on Friday, April 12, 2013 by Vice Chancellor Dr. George McClellan, Career Services Director Ashley Calderon, and Academic Advisor and Peer Advisor Supervisor Marietta Frye. Paul received a $250 scholarship award and a beautiful plaque to commemorate the honor.

Congratulations, Paul! We're proud of you--and all of our fantastic student workers!

2013 CTE/STEM Expo

2013 CTE/STEM ExpoStudents of all ages and in all grades, including those who are already taking college classes, learned what their futures could be at the Third Annual CTE/STEM Expo, Tuesday, April 16, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Walb Ballroom at IPFW.

The Expo let students explore the ways in which studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) can lead to successful careers. The Departments of Nursing, Dental Education, Engineering, and Physics hosted demonstrations in their respective areas and tours in their respective buildings.

Two of our MAC Peer Advisors, Timo Rutlowski and Mercy Ajeh, staffed a table at the event, and had a great time! Timo had this to say about his time at the event:

2013 CTE/STEM ExpoThe main point of the event was for kids to find out how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can lead to successful careers; learn more about IPFW’s academic support services; and discover IPFW’s Career and Technical Education programs.

Mercy and I informed the kids about the academic support services in the MAC. The kids were young, some were only in fifth grade. Therefore we gave a general simplified overview of the office, and made it interesting for the kids. We also told them about the National Student Exchange (NSE) program.

Other IPFW services were present at the EXPO as well, for example the office of multicultural affairs. In addition, many departments such as physics, and math were present, and talked/informed the kids. The physics department stood out the most, because they had set up experiments; it was amazing!

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