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FAQs: 9-month Faculty and Administrative Staff

Do I have to sign up for direct deposit of my paycheck?

Yes. Many organizations have made direct deposit of a pay into a checking or savings account a condition of employment. Why? Experience has shown that there are fewer problems with the timely and accurate delivery of pay when employees are paid by direct deposit. There is no check to get lost, misplaced, or stolen; no need to worry about a paycheck being late due to inclement weather; and no need to make arrangements to pick up a paycheck when sick or on vacation.

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When will I be paid?

  • Purdue academic year (or, 9-month) administrative staff and faculty are paid on the last working day of each month, August through May.
  • IU academic year faculty are paid on the last working day of each month, August through November, the first working day of January, and the last working day of January through May

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Why must I provide proof of my eligibility to work?

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 imposes penalties on employers who knowingly employ aliens not authorized to work. To aid in enforcement, the law requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of all new employees at the time of hire. Verification of employment is done on the I-9 form and requires proof of both identity and authorization to work.

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How often must I prove my eligibility to work? 

If you continue to be employed, without any break in service, you need verify your eligibility only once. If you are rehired after a break in service, your verification is less than three years old, and your employment authorization is still valid, your I-9 can be re-verified in Human Resources without any action on your part. If you are rehired after a break in service and your I-9 is more than three years old, or if your employment eligibility status has changed, you must complete the I-9 again.

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How much vacation do I earn?

Academic year faculty and administrative staff do not earn vacation; instead, they follow the academic calendar and are not in work status during national holidays, fall break, winter recess, and spring breaks.

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How much sick leave do I earn? When can I use it?

  • For Purdue faculty and administrative staff, the maximum sick leave allowed per 12 month period is based upon an individual's period of continuous service. During your first year, you are entitled to two weeks of sick leave at regular pay. Between one and two year's service, your sick leave allowance is regular pay for one month, 75% pay for one month. For two to less than three year's service, your sick leave allowance is regular pay for two months, sick leave for two months. For three years or more of service, your sick leave allowance is three months are full pay, three months at 75% pay.
  • IU Faculty are entitled to 100% salary for six weeks and 50% salary for the remainder of the semester. With the approval of the Chancellor, the 50% salary period may extend into the next semester, but may not exceed a total of nine weeks.

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What happens to my sick leave when I leave the university?

You will not be paid for unused sick leave.

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