Celebrate 50 Years
Honors Program

Honors Student Accomplishments

We are so proud of our Honors students and their accomplishments! If you have something you would like to share with us, please let us know--we would love to celebrate with you!

Student Accomplishments

Ciara Cox (Economics) received an Honors Program Scholarship to be applied towards her Summer 2014 Internship Program in Washington, DC.

Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS)  received the Dr. Beaumont S. Cornell Scholarship.

Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS) has presented her Biology research at the Indiana Academy of Science Conference.  She has also presented the results of her Spanish Community Service Learning Project at the 2014 IPFW Service Learning Showcase, and was invited to present it at the Indiana Campus Compact in Spring 2015.   

Evan Gidley (Music) was the featured guest soloist at the IPFW Community Orchestra Fall Concert.

Haley Hunter (Accounting/Criminal Justice) will be graduating from IPFW in December 2014 with an Honors medal and certificate. Haley presented her Honors project, “Inmate Dog-Training Program” in April 2014.

Sara Jackson (English/History) was awarded an Honors Program Teaching Assistantship scholarship for English W131: Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I (Instructor: Charles Totten).

Sadie King-Hoffmann (CSD/English) was awarded an Honors Program Teaching Assistantship for WOST 240: Food and Feminism (Instructor: Elizabeth Mannir).

Sadie King-Hoffmann presented at the November 2014 Midwest Modern Language Association conference in Detroit, MI. Her paper was entitled “'You chose books. I chose looks:' Gender and Power in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.”

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) was awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship.

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) had a paper, “A Cloud-Based Approach to Spectrum Monitoring,” accepted for publication in the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine. The paper was co-written with Dr. Todor Cooklev, Director of IPFW’s Wireless Technology Center, and will appear in the April 2015 issue.

Natalie Millspaw (Biology) received an Honors Program Research Grant to work on her Honors Project—“ Conservation Genetics of the Blanding’s Turtle (Emys blandingii)” in May 2014.

Rachel Roberts (Business) was awarded the Top Ten Scholarship.

Emily Spatt (Nursing) received the  Chancellor’s Scholarship for the academic year 2014-2015.

Aaron Thieme (Philosophy/Women’s Studies) presented his paper, "Personhood, Autonomy, and Abortion: A Critique of Thomson's Argument from Bodily Autonomy," at the 2014 Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference which took place on September 18-19.

Aaron Thieme attended the 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology, as part of the cohort of 25 "promising undergraduates in philosophy, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, economics, and other sciences." The goals of this summer school were to "introduce promising students to cross-disciplinary fields of research at an early stage in their career, and forge lasting links between the various disciplines."


At the IPFW Honors Convocation on October 5th, 2014, the following Honors students received recognition for their scholarships and awards:

Halee Bandt (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Matthew Christian (Theatre), O. Franklin Kenworthy Memorial Scholarship

Bryan Daugherty (Electrical Engineering/Physics), Fred Zollner Foundation Scholarship

Jennifer Dumford (Psychology), Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Kelli Faulkner (Biology Pre-Med),  Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Evan Frauhiger (History), Withers Scholarship

Evan Gidley (Music), Carlisle and Georgia Wilbur Smith Scholarship for Music

Rachel Gilreath (Psychology),  Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Dominique Goodlow (Business), Doermer Scholar

Andrea Harrison (Undecided), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship

Maelee Holderread (English Literature), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Carlisle and Georgia Wilbur Smith Scholarship for Music

Haley Hunter (Accounting/Criminal Justice), Bart E. Bircheff Accounting Scholarship; Bud Meeks Criminal Justice Scholarship

Sara Jackson (English/History), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Withers Scholarship

Hannah Janssen (Accounting), Blue and Company Accounting Scholarship

Moriah Landon (Music Therapy), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship

Amanda Leaders (Business), Doermer Scholar; Laverne Noyes Scholarship

Grace Mathews (Biology Pre-Med), Auer Scholar

Kara Millington (Nursing), Auer Scholar

Hallel Paraiso (Biology Pre-Med), Dr. Beaumont S. Cornell Scholarship

Emilee Parke (Psychology), Top Ten Scholarship

Chance Parker (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Joseph Rasberry (Nursing), Parkview Hospital Nursing Scholarship

Kari Schlichtenmyer (Math Actuarial Science), Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Brady Schrock (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar; Dan Butler Theatre Scholarship

James Schwartz (Information Technology/Electrical Engineering Tech), Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship

Wesley Stevens (Interpers and Org Comm), Robert E. Wise Scholarship

Benjamin Steyer (Business), Doermer Scholar

Megan Stoffer (History), Ralph E. Broyles Scholarship

Gabriel Walburn (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Ericka Webb (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar