Honors Program

Honors Project Showcases

The Spring 2015 Honors Project Showcase was held on Friday, April 10, 2015 in the Honors Center and featured five students presenting their capstone honors projects.


Evan Frauhiger (History)
"The Legacy of the Nuremberg Trials: An International Double Standard”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Christine Erickson (History)


Taylor Goodpaster (CSD)
Oral Miscues in Struggling Readers”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pamela Reese (CSD)


Amanda Stoffer (Biology)
“Genetic and biochemical characterization of the putative xanthine and uric acid transporters from the bacterial causative agent Paenibacillus larvae of the American Foulbrood disease (AFB) in honey bee”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. George Mourad (Biology)


Hallel Paraiso (Biology)
“A Novel Integration Method For Inserting Portal Proteins Into Planar Bilayer Membranes”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Peng Jing (Chemistry) 


Amity Pauley (Women's Studies/COMM)
Terroir of two places: Exploring potentials and limitations for feminist outcomes in French and US food movements”
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Kelsey Kearl (COMM)