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Honors Program

Honors Project Showcases

The Fall 2014 Honors Project Showcase was held on Friday, December 5, 2014 in the Honors Center and featured three students presenting their capstone honors projects.


Alexander Allison (History)
"To Save Chile: The Nixon Administration's Efforts to Exasperate Pre-Existing Polarizations within Allende's Chile"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Weiner (History)

Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS)

"Characterization of Forest Fragmentation Structure in Northeastern Indiana"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jordan Marshall (Biology)

Tyler Davis (German)

"The Acquisition, Use, and Attitude of The Bermese Language According to Individuals from The Chin Hills of Myanmar"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jens Clegg (ILCS)

**If you are interested in developing an Honors Project, set up an appointment with Dr. Livschiz.