Honors Program

MA 165: Honors Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

CalcHonors Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (MA 16500)  

CRN: 14068 MTWTh 1:30-2:45PM  

Prerequisite for MA 16500: MA 15400 or MA 15900 with a grade of C or higher or placement.

MA 16500 fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning Foundational Intellectual Skills (A.3) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Dan Coroian (Mathematics)

This is a rigorous look at Calculus with plenty of applications from physics, engineering, natural and social sciences, finance, etc.  You will work in groups and individually on different writing and exploratory exercises.  In addition to the regular lecture format we’ll use different application of the Computer Algebra System Maple in solving problems.  Two projects, reflecting your background, will be assigned and the results of will be presented using your favourite media format.  Creativity and originality is strongly encouraged.