Honors Program

Honors Intermediate Expository Writing

Honors Intermediate Expository Writing (ENG W233)

Honors Intermediate Expository Writing CRN: 14049 ENG W233-19H     T 1:30-2:45PM LA 144     R 1:30-2:45PM NF B27

This course fulfills the Written Communication Foundational Intellectual Skills (A.1) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Karol Dehr (English)

This course connects the theories and practices of academic research with the practice of academic writing. In this course you will examine the research conventions of your chosen academic discipline, and pursue a research project that will culminate in a research paper or other research product appropriate to that discipline. This is a project-based course that will require you to work independently as a researcher, but also will encourage you to use the services of IPFW's research librarians.