Honors Program

Honors 20th Century British Fiction


Honors 20th Century British Fiction

24133  | ENG L388-02H  |  T/R  |  3:00-4:15PM    |  SB G21  |  3.0 cr. 

Prerequisite: ENG L202 or ENG W233 or equivalent

This course fulfills the Humanities COAS requirement.  

Instructor: Dr. Lachlan Whalen (English)

From Virginia Woolf’s critiques of patriarchal literary conventions to Irvine Welsh’s angry exploration of race, class, and dialect in Trainspotting, L346/B649 will focus on incendiary texts to deconstruct the term “British fiction.” Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and the Isle of Man are just four regions within Britain that possess indigenous languages and cultures that are distinct in important ways from that of England—and this before we consider the far-flung British colonies and immigrants to the imperial centre. This course will analyze some of the ways in which many "British" authors find it necessary to rework expected literary conventions—often in radical ways—to "bear the burden" of their experience, especially in the context of Britain's imperial past (and present).