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Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy for Financial Aid

All financial aid recipients are required to make reasonable academic progress toward completion of degree requirements. Standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at IPFW are evaluated at the end of each academic semester, and at the time of awarding of any aid. The policy consists of a completion requirement, a grade point average requirement, and a maximum time frame requirement.

Completion Requirement

IPFW students must complete at least 67% of their hours attempted cumulatively. A student who fails to complete 67% of their hours attempted cumulatively will be placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning. If the student fails to complete at least 33% of their attempted hours cumulatively, the student is placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Suspension.

Hours attempted include all financial aid-eligible courses.  For the purposes of this policy, hours attempted with grades of F,W, I, NP- or NC are considered incomplete.

Grade Point Average Requirement*

*Please note that the below GPA requirements listed are new as of the 2014-15 academic year.  These standards must be met by the end of the fall 2014 academic term.


Credits   Completed


Minimum   cumulative GPA


0 – 29
30 +



Maximum Time-Frame Requirement ***

The maximum time frame a student has to complete their degree is equal to 150% of the hours required for the completion of the degree or certificate. As a general rule, the bachelor degree has a maximum of 122 hours attempted.  A student would be placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress Denial after attempting 183 hours (150% of 122 credit hours). Hours transferred to IPFW from previous institutions are included in this requirement.

NOTE: A student seeking a second degree or certificate will still have his/her hours from the first degree counted in their total hours attempted. For example, a student who completed an Associate Degree while attempting 70 hours at IPFW would start out with those same 70 hours attempted before taking a single class towards his/her second degree.

Warning, Suspension and Appeal Process

Financial aid recipients who do not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards will be placed on a warning status and notified in writing that they have the opportunity to repair their record through their enrollment and counseling.

Students who fail to meet satisfactory academic progress in their next semester of enrollment will be notified in writing that they are on a Suspension status and are no longer eligible for financial aid.  A student may provide a written appeal within 30 days of the date of notification if extenuating circumstances exist.