Office of Institutional Equity

Web Authors are those individuals who create, edit, or maintain IPFW institutional Web pages. Their responsibilities include:

  • Publishing new or redesigned Web pages in compliance with this policy
  • Revising any legacy Web pages according to the time frames outlined in this policy
  • Submiting annual status reports to the campus Equal Opportunity Officer
  • Responding to requests by disabled individuals for access to a legacy or archived Web page
  • Completing self-guided training and asking questions about accessibility to clarify their understanding of the policy
  • Ensuring that Web content is compliant
  • Publishing of a text-only page(s) for complex multimedia, scripts, and plug-ins when accessibility methods cannot be achieved. This text-only page must contain equivalent information and the same functionality as the primary page
  • Communicate with the Web accessibility contact immediately upon receiving an accessibility request
  • Request extension of an anticipated accommodation deadline
  • Contact Mariah Butler for assistance with student related questions

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