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Countdown to Commencement - Your To Do List

Countdown to Commencement - Your To Do List

10.  Apply for Graduation. This can be done anytime of year but is most effective when the deadlines are met. The application triggers a review of the student's record to ensure they are completing the final degree requirements and that the student is officially added to the graduation list.

  9.  Apply to be the Representative of the Class of 2017 by February 20.

  8.  Attend the Graduation Fair, to be scheduled early in the spring semester, where you can one-stop-shop for steps 7, 6, 4, and 3!

  7.  Order your Cap and Gown (best prices of the year at the Graduation Fair) along with your announcements and class ring.

  6.  Verify your pending degree information. Does your official record reflect all of the degree information it should, including majors, minors, and any certificates? Check with your department to ensure you are on the graduation list for all of the programs for which you expect to complete requirements.

  5.  Register to participate in Commencement. When you are added to the official graduation list, a unique-to-you registration link will be sent to your myIPFW email. To reserve a seat at the ceremony, degree candidates must register to participate in Commencement and purchase a cap and gown by May 1st. 

  4.  Verify your name for your diploma and Commencement program.

  3.  Act on your plans for alumni membership, graduate school, and career advancement.

  2.  Attend Senior Send-Off to pick up your pre-ordered cap and gown. The Commencement party starts at the Senior Send-Off.

  1.  Attend Commencement. You made it! Carefully read the instructions sent to your myIPFW email account and review the name of your degree so you know when to stand during the ceremony. We're ready to turn the spotlight on you and your achievement. (The linked degree list will be updated in late Fall 2016.)

  Countdown Deadlines

  Feb. 28, 1-6 pm (Tuesday)
  Mar. 1, 9 am-1 pm (Wednesday)

  Graduation Fair

  March 6 (Monday)

  Last day for online Undergraduate 
  orders to be shipped to campus
  (the free shipping option); may
  continue to have apparel shipped
  to home (shipping fee applies)

  March 6 (Monday)

  Make this deadline to save

  Last day for online Graduate
  (master's level) apparel rental
  orders; after this date orders
  must be placed in person in the
  IPFW Bookstore (all master's
  apparel is shipped to Bookstore.)

  March 16 (Thursday)

  Last day to update name for
  Commencement program and
  May diplomas

  April 12 - shipping fee applies  

  April 18 - expedited shipping fee
  applies (expensive!)

  Deadlines for online Undergraduate
  orders to be shipped to home;
  after these dates orders must be  
  placed in person in the IPFW

  April 19 (Wednesday) - May 9

  Purchase apparel in Bookstore.
  Cashiers must verify
  candidates' Commencement
  eligibility with the Office of 
  Academic Ceremonies.  Limited
  apparel sizing on hand in

  April 18 (Noon - 8 pm)
  and April 19 (8 am - Noon)

  Senior Send-Off (for apparel
  ordered online before March 6
  available for pickup)

  May 4 (Thursday)

  Last day to register for
  Commencement; Last day for
  approval of recycled gowns



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