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International Languages Institute

IPFW offers Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Latin in addition to French, German, and Spanish. Due to special funding, IPFW will offer these classes at a special rate of $25 per credit hour. That's 90 percent less than on-campus tuition! And that's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Please note that most language classes offer parts one and three in the fall and parts two and four in the spring. If you wish to begin a new language, you must begin in the fall. These classes fill early, so don't delay!

Music Courses/Ensembles

Students interested in participating in vocal or instrumental music ensembles must audition and receive instructor permission. Private lessons are not available for credit. Visit the Department of Music or call 260-481-6714 for more information.

Honors Program

Be sure to check out IPFW’s Honors Program. Designed for students who want to get the most of their college education, the IPFW Honors Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program open to students of any major. Participation is voluntary, and students can begin the program at any point in their college career. Whether you intend to complete all of the program requirements or are just interested in taking a few classes that seek to enhance learning by incorporating in-depth and practical knowledge and experiences into the classroom, we hope you'll look at what we have to offer.

To participate in Honors courses, you must meet one of the following criteria: rank in the upper 10 percent of their high school class; have 650 writing, critical thinking, or mathematics score on the SAT; or total SAT scores of 1,800 or better or a composite ACT score of 27 or better. For more information about the Honors Program, call 260-481-6924.

German Class

Our Student Says . . .

"My reservations about college have changed dramatically. It's not a scary place at all. I really enjoy being around my college friends. They are mature and so much fun." Fatima, North Side High School