Collegiate Connection


Students attending classes at the IPFW campus are strongly encouraged to attend a special orientation session. Reservations are required.

Collegiate Connection

Since 1997 thousands of high school students like you have jump-started their college careers through IPFW. Talk to anyone who has participated in IPFW Collegiate Connection and they will tell you it was one of the smartest moves they made in preparing for college.

Why IPFW Collegiate Connection

  • Get a jump-start by earning College Credit during high school
  • Finish college earlier to save time and money - you can get plenty of core college requirements out of the way
  • Meet requirements for an Academic Honors diploma
  • Gain confidence: learn about campus, professors, and how college works
  • Gain access to IPFW’s technology and resources
  • Challenge yourself academically with classes not found in high school
  • Gain the college experience at northeast Indiana's premier university: IPFW
  • Make new friends

IPFW Campus in the Fall

Apply online!
Collegiate Connection students can apply online (do not use Explorer).

Spring 2018 Application

Fall 2018 Application will be available in February.

Student Handbook

Misplaced your Collegiate Connection Student Handbook? Download a PDF of the handbook.

2017-2018 Student Handbook

Our Student Says . . .

“I wanted to get a head start in college while getting credit at high school as well.”  Miranda, Snider High School