Celebrate 50 Years
Collegiate Connection

Benefit to students:

  • Savings of time by completing college courses while in high school
  • Savings of money with reduced tuitionCheck out your school.
  • Dual credit courses meet requirements to earn an Academic Honors diploma
  • The challenge of a rigorous course
  • Gain confidence about taking a college level course
  • Enjoy the benefits of being an IPFW student (free tutoring, library resources, technology privileges, free admission to IPFW sporting & theater events, etc.)

  Benefit to teachers:

  • Classroom educational materials and professional development
  • Purdue employee tuition remission
  • Adjunct instructor status at IPFW
  • For teachers required to take a course(s), the tuition is fully paid for by IPFW
  • Access to IPFW faculty resources, including IPFW Helmke Library and extensive database in the IU database system
  • Software discounts at Follett’s Bookstore 

Benefit to schools:

  • Provide high achieving students with additional course opportunities
  • Minimum administrative efforts (IPFW bears full burden of administration)
  • Professional development provided for participating teachers
  • Classroom materials provided from enrollment funds
  • University resources available to participating students
  • Completes one of four indicators in the College and Career Readiness Metric requirements per IDOE Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions