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Workshop Descriptions:

Internships & Getting Experience

Discover the many benefits of doing an internship, both for you and the employer. Learn about the internship resources available to you and how to obtain an internship.

Interviewing Strategies

Learn about the different types of interviews, how to prepare yourself, do's and don'ts during the interview, and how to answer various types of questions. Information about illegal questions, what to ask an interviewer, and guidelines for following up after the interview will also be covered to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the interview process.

You Are Graduating...What's Next? Transitioning out of College

Perfect for Seniors! This presentation will provide insight on what the differences are between being an employee and a student, evaluating a job offer, how to maintain a job, budgeting, and investing for the future. Life after college can be harder than you think.

Getting the Most out of College

This presentation highlights proven success strategies for first-year college students. Learn about the value of your education and discover new tips to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Career Exploration

A tailored presentation for your students based upon their major.  Learn about the variety of career options for majors on this campus.  Most majors have multiple areas/industries they could pursue upon graduation and this presentation with explore those options more in-depth and review strategies for success based upon each area/industry.  Best when your classroom has a majority of one major so the presenter can focus on that specific major instead of multiple.

Choosing a Major

Did you know college students on average, change their majors three to four times during their college careers? How do you know which major is right for you? This presentation reveals what you should know about yourself to find the best fit for your major and career.

Graduate School

This presentation covers researching schools and programs, determining graduate school and program fit, admissions exams, application procedures and tips, and financial assistance available in graduate school.

Job Searching/JobZone

Take control of your job search. There's more to the job search than looking for ads in the newspaper. Get a quick overview of critical areas of the job search process and how to become proactive. This presentation will also explain the benefits of using JobZone, our free online job posting system for students and alumni.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

This presentation aids students in writing a professional cover letter and shares tips on how to get your resume noticed by employers. You will learn what to include in a resume and how to highlight your education and work experience.

Networking 101

It's not what you know, it's who you know! Learn the fundamentals of networking, including tips, techniques, etiquette & your personal networking style to make your networking more effective.

Online Social Networking/Web 2.0

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking tools can assist you in creating a positive professional presence online and impress potential employers. This presentation will help you determine what is appropriate to post online and what to avoid.