Summer 2016 Due Dates

May 13, 2016

registered on or before May 13

June 24, 2016

registered on or after May 14

Fall 2016 Due Date

August 19, 2016

Billing Process

IMPORTANT: If you are delinquent, please call the Bursar's office at 260-481-6824 to make payment arrangements and avoid further action.

Step-by-Step Billing Process

  • Initial Billing
    • All billing statements are generated electronically
    • An email notification is sent to students ipfw.edu email address
    • The 1st billings generated for each semester are displayed below:
      • Summer  =  Mid-April
      • Fall  =  Mid-July
      • Spring  =  Mid-November
    • Continued Billings
      • Account changes made after 1st billing will create an updated billing statement
      • Another email notification is sent to students ipfw.edu email address
    • Delinquent Reminders
      • Email notices will be sent to delinquent accounts
      • The notices will warn of the delinquent penalty fee assessment
      • The notices will warn of the account hold
    • Late Fee
      • A "Late Payment Fee" will be assessed on unpaid accounts after a 10 day grace period
      • An email notice is sent informing of the late fee assessment
    • Account Holds
      • Delinquent accounts will be placed on hold
      • This hold will prevent:
        • Future Registration
        • Release of Transcript
        • Online Viewing of Grades
        • Release of Diploma
      • An email notice is sent informing student of options to pay and potential administrative withdrawal.
    • During Term Collection Process of Past Due Accounts
      • Past due email notices and letters will be sent through the end of the term
        • Informing students of payment options
        • Informing students of the possibility of further collection actions, including Administrative Removal from current classes and cancellations of any future semester registrations.
    • Administrative Removal
      • Delinquent accounts will be administratively removed from all classes
      • Tuition charges will remain on the account
      • Once withdrawn for non-payment a student is not able to re-enroll in classes
      • There is an appeals process whereby students can explain why fees were not paid and ask to be re-enrolled in classes
    • Final Demand
      • A final demand for payment will be sent by letter after the end of the semester and after the return of title IV calculations are completed.
      • The student will be advised of payment options
      • The student will be advised of the final bill date to make arrangements
      • The student will be advised that their account is being prepared for referral to small claims court or a local attorney.
    • Final Collection
      • Accounts will be filed with small claims court
      • Large accounts will be placed with a local attorney