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*Property Accounting

The department of Property Accounting is responsible for the accounting controls, records, operations, and reporting for all moveable capital equipment. Capital equipment, known as assets, can be identified with inventory tags or having an original acquisition value greater than $5,000. An inventory of capitalized moveable assets is performed and maintained by Property Accounting staff with departmental cooperation. The disposal of equipment acquired through the University by purchase, lease, donation, loan, etc... must have prior approval from Property Accounting.

*Capital Equipment Buying Guide

A quick and easy reference guide for purchasing capital equipment.

Procedures for Screening Equipment to be Purchased with Federal Funds

Equipment being acquired in part or entirely with Federal funds must go through a screening process prior to placing any orders. "Federal funds" are meant to include both direct and indirect Federal funding sources.

Disposal Procedures

All departments must follow the disposal procedure for all surplus equipment owned or controlled by Purdue University.

Obtaining a Capital Equipment Listing

Information on how to request a list of moveable capital assets along with details on the fields you will see in your listing.

*SAP Asset Module (business office use only)

Instructions on how to inquiry on an inventory number in the Asset Module of SAP.

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