University Strategic Alignment Process

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I've heard that decisions have already been made and Administrators are just going through the University Strategic Alignment Process for show.

Making decisions regarding where and how we should use our resources must be evidenced-based and focused on the priorities outlined in the university’s strategic plan.  Until now, IPFW has not done a systematic review of our programs and services to determine alignment to those priorities.  Dr. Carwein is committed to collecting the data and conducting a thorough review by members of the campus community and resources are being dedicated to the process which will take close to twelve months to complete.  These steps would not be taken if decisions had already been made.


I’ve heard that all low-performing programs will be eliminated.

This process is about alignment and not elimination.  All programs will be reviewed and measured against a common set of criteria and metrics that the task forces will develop.  It’s true that some programs may not align to the IPFW strategic plan equally but that does not mean any program will automatically be eliminated.  In the cases of low-performing programs, it could be determined additional resources are needed while other programs may receive less.  Once the task forces gather and analyze the data they will make recommendations to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors for final decisions.