University Strategic Alignment Process

Data Sources & Analysis

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   The following supporting documents were used throughout the analysis process:

  1. Index of individual unit goals to Plan 2020 goals, metrics, and outcomes –The Information Analytics and Visualization (IAV) Center created a program to map each individual unit goal to Plan 2020.  Starting with the coded strategic plan, this index lists every unit goal grouped with the IPFW goal, metric, or outcome that it aligns to as reported in unit USAP reports. 
  2. Index of unit goals aligned to 7 themes – This index aligns each individual unit goal to the seven themes.   In some cases a goal aligns with multiple themes and others have been identified as miscellaneous. This table reflects the total number of goals assigned to each theme.
  3. Index of inefficiencies– This information came from the question on the USAP report – “On what activities, if any, do you spend resources (money, time, people, etc.) inefficiently or in ways that do not support the mission of your unit or the university?” Responses are compiled,
  4. Index of challenges– This information came from the question on the unit report – “What challenges, other than financial resources, might affect your progress?”  Responses are compiled.
  5. Resources needed to support goals – This information came from the question on the unit report – “What additional resources do you need to accomplish this goal?” Responses are compiled.
  6. Potential areas for collaboration – These were identified by the Task Force and represent opportunities for two or more units who might be able to partner, sharing resources or strengthening goal completion.