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In the late sixties as the number of married and single parents as students began to increase at IPFW they expressed a concern that their activities fees were going for purposes that did not benefit them. They requested assistance in child care, and in 1970 the Dean of Students and Students' Government Association responded by contributing initially $10,000 as a subsidy for such a facility. In 1971 the first child care center was opened in a portable building on campus (a TROM). A campus press release indicates that the first center opened August 29, 1973 with Nancy Getzin as the first director. The cost then was $.50 per hour for the first child and $.25 per hour for each additional child in the family. It was open to students, faculty and staff. The popularity of the facility grew and by August 1976 it was moved into a converted part of the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center's motel. This was a temporary move until 1986 when a more adequate facility was provided by the center. In this year a formal consortium was formed that would serve the three state-supported institutions involved: IPFW which managed the fiscal, academic and personnel components; the center which provided the facility and maintenance of it; IVY Tech which provided practicum students from one of its certificate programs as auxiliary personnel. Year-round care was provided for children form six months through six years of age. In 1989 a Leadership Fort Wayne class addressed the issue of child care and made a recommendation which led in 1991 to the formation of the Educare Center which added Parkview Memorial Hospital to the existing three participants. The center was located near the intersection of State Blvd. and Beacon street, south of State and behind what was then the Lincoln National Bank branch (2125 Beacon St.). The services were available to students, faculty and staff of IPFW, IVY Tech, Parkview Memorial Hospital and the State Developmental Center. It was opened in August 1991. It would accommodate 190 children at a time with a maximum overall enrollment of 460. By February 1992 the center had a deficit of approximately $120,000 at which point the fiscal management was turned over to Parkview Memorial Hospital. The center has gone through numerous name changes (as of Fall 2002 it was called the Child Care Center), management and fiscal arrangements. In the Fall of 1995 a new center was established on the corner of Crescent and Hobson roads.
Source: Archival files; Current (September 1991), p. 4; (June 1995), p.7.

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