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The first team was formed in 1967-1968 with Edwin C. Leonard as head coach and Warren W. Worthley and David R. Skelton as assistant coaches. Practice and home games were held at the State School gym. The team was funded by an initial $200 from the student activities fees and the sale of popcorn at games. The first uniforms were used white and blue ones found at the old Purdue Center building. The team was originally known as the Mustangs. Original team members included Dan Hannie (34), Ron Fulkerson (24), Bob McGregor (35), Jerry Klaehn (10) and Mike white (44). In 1993 the team won the Great Lakes Valley Conference championship and an NCAA postseason berth.
Sources:  Current (December 1992), 33-34; '93 reunion photo in Current(June 1993), p. 20.

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