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Arts and Sciences Award for the Enhancement of Learning

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Arts and Sciences Award for the Enhancement of Learning

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Each year the School of Arts and Sciences presents the award in recognition of accomplishment resulting from a single activity, project, or course to encourage innovative teaching and learning experiences. All full and part-time A&S faculty are eligible, and a sum of $500 is given to the recipient's department to be used by the recipient for materials, supplies, travel or another means of enhancing learning. A plaque is given to the person receiving the award that indicates the activity. The recipient also gives a presentation describing the activity and its significance. Recipients include: 1996, Michael F. O'Hear and Ed Moritz; 1997, Debra Hall, John LaMaster, Marilyn Reba, Joyce Vetter, Dianna Zook; 1998, Stephen Harroff; 1999, Kathy Trier; 2000, Carl N. Drummond, Jr.; 2001, Peter Hamburger; 2002/2003, Brenda L. Lundy, 2003/2004, Margaret G. Kimble.

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