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the 39er; a journal for university writers

Categories: Publications

Archives has only one extant issue of this student literary publication. It may be the only one that was published. The issue is Winter, Volume 1, Number 1. There is no publication date; however, it was stamped as "received, Jan 26, 1939, file room, president's office." The issue came from the archival files in Bloomington. The last page indicates that it was a product of the "enthusiastic body of extension students and instructors who conceived and carried to completion this the first issue of the 39er. I.U. Extension, Fort Wayne Center, 407 Dime Bank Bldg." The journal was "organized for the purpose of fulfilling the demand for a college publication with our writers. The editors do not recognize any set policy for this magazine: it is a magazine of attitudes. The attitudes are those of our different contributors which include both studetns and faculty members. Perhaps our magazine will present many inconsistencies and contraditions, but it is our sincere desire to grow and develop a publication which will be selective as well as representative of our student writers."--Editorial on page two. The editor-in chief was Raymond E. Warden.

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