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Women of Achievement

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An annual event honoring women who have made significant contributions to the community, both professionally and personally. The tribute is designed to recognize women who are selected by their organization to receive the honor based on community service and involvement, professional achievements, and/or demonstration of perseverance in coping with unusual or special challenges. Began in 1986 when eleven companies honored 21 women for their volunteer work in the community. Funds raised from the event support the YWCA Domestic Violence Services. In addition to the companies that honor women, the Helen R. Foellinger Achievement Award is given to one exceptional woman. Recipients include: 1989, Marian K. Zimmerman and Linda C. Fox; 1990, Linda Balthaser and Elaine W. Cowen; 1991, Barbara Blauvelt and Jeanette Clausen; 1992, Carol B. Isaacs and Pauline T. Flynn; 1993, Patricia Erdman and L. Dianne Bezdon; 1994, Judith DiIorio and Mildred (Micky) Ginther; 1995, Linda L. Scott and Judith L. Violette; 1996, Joyce Saltsman and Lucille Hess; 1997, Victoria Benecke and Linda L. Graham; 1998, Marjorie E. Heider and Carol A. Roberts, and 1998 Helene Foellinger Honoree Irene Walters; 1999, Mary Helen Thuente and Cheryl Wolever; 2000, Judith Blakemore and Julia Fellers Hook. Janet Kelly received the award in 1987 as an employee of Northill Corporation, but then came to IPFW in 1993.

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