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Oak Park Farm

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Property (114 acres) where the campus is located bounded by Coliseum, Crescent, St. Joe streets and Canterbury Green and the St. Joseph River.  The ground was part of a farm established as a support farm for the Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth, which later became the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center.  Some of the residents were housed in a large residence facility located in a wooded area near the Crescent and Coliseum Blvd intersection. The residence was a 240-bed facility. Residents farmed and raised animals to help support the farm, but the operation was phased out in 1957 with increased mechanization of farming that eliminated jobs the residents could perform. The school was transferred from Oak Park Farm to 4900 St. Joe road and is now known as the State Developmental Center. In August, 1957, the residential facility was partially burned with no loss of life or serious injury.
Sources:   Current (August 1989), 15-16; Communicator, February 3, 1983.

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