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IPFW has had a series of fight songs, the first of which appeared in the January 24, 1974 issue of the student newspaper and was erroneously attributed to Jane Prochnow Nusbaumer, Brenda Rouse, Sue Cook and Kathy Blee. A letter to the editor by Sue Cook in the February 7, 1974 issue of the student newspaper states that it was written by James Vito DeFronzo. He was at that time a PhD candidate in sociology at Bloomington and a former lecturer in sociology at IPFW. His lyrics that follow were to be sung to the tune of the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise."

For the good of old IU-Purdue,
We will fight on to victory!
On the field and court we'll never fail;
All our teams will prevail.
Fight on, IU-Purdue!
To you, we will be true!
Let our colors loudly proclaim:
We will fight to win in every game!
Fight on, IU-Purdue!
To you, we will be true! Fight on! Fight on! Fight on, Mastodon!
Fight on, IU-Purdue

A second fight song was written for the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary celebration and was first performed at the All-Campus Twenty-Fifth Birthday Party Richard A. Hickman, ASCAP, with lyrics by Rosemary Gladieux. The lyrics are:

Let's go, Fort Wayne ¿ Fight to win the game.
We are with you on your road to fame.
Don't give up until the battle's done.
We're behind you 'til the vict'ry's won¿ So fight, fight, fight
For the blue and white;
We're rooting for you,
Indiana - Purdue! You're the pride of all Fort Wayne
Mastodons, hear our refrain:
We all know you'll down the foe
So, fight on, you mastodons!
Rah !

In the Alumni magazine (Fall 2003, volume 7, issue 1, p. 7), the following fight song appeared:

IPFW, let's cheer for our own blue and white,
IPFW, full of spirit, full of fight.
Go, Dons!
Winning hearts so brave and true,
Standing strong in all we do,
IPFW, bringing victory home to you.
Go Dons!

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