College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

The people listed below have assisted the NSF S-STEM program in a number of ways, including taking time out of their busy schedules to write letters of recommendation for applicants.  Without such letters, the application packets submitted by students would have been incomplete.

We thank them for donating their valuable time to support our students.

Abbreviations Used for Academic Departments:

CEIT: Computer, Electrical, and Information Technology

CME: Civil and Mechanical Engineering

CS: Computer Science

Affiliate Faculty

picture of Dr. Zhuming Bi

Dr. Zhuming Bi, Ph.D., Professor, CME, IPFW

picture of Dr. Harold L. Broberg

Dr. Harold L. Broberg, Ph.D., Professor, CEIT, IPFW

picture of Isaac Fingerle

Isaac Fingerle, Limited Term Lecturer, MCET, IPFW

picture of Max Fowler

Max Fowler, Graduate TA/Lecturer/Graduate Researcher, CS, IPFW

not available

Randy J. Hayden, IS Site Manager BFG4, Michelin North America

picture of Patrick A. McLaughlin

Patrick A. McLaughlin, Associate Vice Chancellor and Registrar, IPFW

picture of Dr. Jacob Millspaw

Dr. Jacob Millspaw, Ph.D., Continuing Lecturer, Physics Department, IPFW

picture of Michelle R. Parker

Michelle R. Parker, Clinical Assistant Professor, CEIT, IPFW

picture of Dr. Gyorgy Petruska

Dr. Gyorgy Petruska, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science, CS, IPFW

picture of Dr. Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez

Dr. Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez, Ph.D., Professor of Radio Frequency Communications, ECE, IPFW

picture of Angela Schuricht

Angela Schuricht, Limited Term Lecturer, Department of English and Linguistics, IPFW

not available

Eugene Seiman, Limited Term Lecturer, MCET, IPFW

pitcure of Dr. William D. Weakley
pitcure of Dr. Kate White

Dr. Kate White, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Department of English and Linguistics, IPFW

picture of Dr. Christi Young

Dr. Christi Young, Ph.D., Chair of Social Sciences, Southwestern Michigan College