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Mustafa Moshref chose IPFW’s online master’s program because of the “availability of courses and the times required to achieve a MS degree. Additionally, the cost effectiveness of the program compared to other graduate schools was the primary factor why I chose IPFW,” Mustafa said.

“As a parent, it was my personal motivation to achieve a higher degree of education. To be an example for my children to achieve academic excellence all while working and supporting my family,” Mustafa shared. By going through the online program, he was able to obtain his M.S. in Nursing because the structure of the classes allowed him to study at his own pace while giving him the freedom to be able to schedule and complete the physical work (clinical rotations) as required by the program.

The format of IPFW’s online program has helped Mustafa succeed as a result of its flexibility and affordability without taking him away from his primary responsibilities.

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