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College of Visual and Performing Arts

Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

John Hrehov,
Department Chair and Professor

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 E. Coliseum Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

Office: Visual Arts Building
Room: VA117
Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Phone: 260-481-6705
Fax: 260-481-6707
E-mail: webers@ipfw.edu

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Full-Time Faculty

Laurel Campbell, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor / Art Education
     Office: VA 123
     Phone: 260-481-6877
     E-mail: campbell@ipfw.edu

Christopher Ganz, M.F.A.
Associate Professor / Printmaking and Drawing
     Office:  VA 223
     Phone: 260-481-6925
     E-mail: ganzc@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.chrisganz.com

Dana Goodman, M.F.A.
Professor / Sculpture
     Office: VA 122
     Phone: 260-481-6009
     E-mail: goodmand@ipfw.edu
     Web Page danagoodman.weebly.com

John Hrehov, M.F.A.
Chair and Professor / Drawing and Painting
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6706
     E-mail:  hrehov@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.JohnHrehov.com

Nancy McCroskey, M.F.A. 
Associate Professor / Ceramics
     Office: VA 124
     Phone: 260-481-6876
     E-mail: mccroske@ipfw.edu 
     Web Page: www.NancyMcCroskey.com

Audrey Ushenko, Ph.D.
Professor / Drawing and Painting
     Office: VA 121
     Phone: 260-481-6639
     E-mail: ushenkoa@ipfw.edu

Associate Faculty

Brandon Furniss, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: furnbf01@ipfw.edu

Andrew Haslit, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: haslita@ipfw.edu

Gretchen Kunberger, M.L.S.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: kunbergg@ipfw.edu

James Jur, B.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: jurj@ipfw.edu

Natalie McChessney, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: mcchne01@ipfw.edu

Sara Nordling, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: nordlins@ipfw.edu

Robert Schroeder, M.F.A.
     Office: VA 121
     Phone: 260-481-0539
     E-mail: schroedr@ipfw.edu

Erin Schwartz, M.A.
     Office: VA 117
     Phone: 260-481-6705
     E-mail: schwarte@ipfw.edu



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