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September Spotlights


Students in the News: Ryan Smith, biology graduate student, was featured in a News Sentinel article, “IPFW Student’s Bird Study Could Yield Helpful Results.” Smith details the data he’s collecting for his master’s thesis, a survey of resident songbirds, which he hopes will help identify woodlands that need conservation.

Faculty Appointment: Frank Paladino, Jack Schrey Distinguished Professor and chair of biology, served on a government panel reviewing National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–National Marine Fishing Service (NMFS) Protected Science in Hawaii and was elected president of the International Sea Turtle Society.

Faculty News: While working with the Leatherback Trust gathering genetic samples, Nathan Robinson, a post-doctoral fellow working with Frank Paladino, was part of a Leatherback Trust team that found a turtle with a 4-inch plastic straw embedded in its nose. A video of Robinson’s removal of the straw was posted to YouTube by the team. Watch the video here. (Warning: This video contains graphic images). 

Faculty and Students in the News: In summer 2015, several stories ran about the IPFW Environmental Resource Center’s (ERC) efforts to save the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Biology graduate students Sasha Tetzlaff and Mike Ravesi were interviewed by David Cassleman of Interlochen Public Radio (WIAA at 88.7). Listen here.  Biology graduate student Taylor Lehman and Professor Bruce Kingsbury were quoted in a News Sentinel article about the endangered species, “IPFW Research Part of Efforts to Save Endangered Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake,” and the project was referenced in a Washington Times article, “IPFW Research Part of Effort to Save Endangered Rattlesnake.”

Kingsbury also discussed a proposed environmental center for the new riverfront development project that would focus on river research and education. You can read more in a News Sentinel article, “River Study Center Suggested as Part of Downtown Riverfront Development,” an NIPR article, “Fort Wayne Riverfront Development Could Include Environmental Center,” and an article from Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette, “IPFW Professor Leads River Studies.”

Faculty Publication: Escaping from Predators: An Integrative View of Escape Decisions, edited by William Cooper, professor emeritus of biology, was published in July by Cambridge University Press.


Faculty Publication: The revised first edition of Understanding Life by Ron Duchovic, associate professor of chemistry, will be published in fall 2015. The book is designed to give non-majors a broad conceptual overview of college-level chemistry, including topics ranging from the science’s origins to modern models and concepts.


Faculty Grant: Steven Carr, associate professor of communication and director of the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, received a $3,000 teaching grant from the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. The grant will be used to bring external speakers to campus for the Institute’s 2016 Indiana Collegiate Pre-Service Teachers Symposium.

Faculty Publication: The Indiana University Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society published an essay titled “Democracy Is Coming to the RFRA; or There’s No Such Thing as Religious Freedom… and It’s a Good Thing, Too,” by Carr, about public discussions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Faculty Publication: Beyond New Media: Discourse and Critique in a Polymediated Age, edited by Art Herbig, assistant professor of media production, Andrew F. Herrmann (East Tennessee State University), and Adam W. Tyma (University of Nebraska at Omaha) is now available. The book goes beyond surface concepts of “new media” to examine polymedia, a world filled with fragmented communication streams and multiple simultaneous conversations.

Alumni Update: Two alumni of the Department of Communication gave TEDx Talks in Fort Wayne: Bernadette Gleeson (M.A., professional communication, ‘10) and Henry Graf (M.A., professional communication, ‘06). Watch Gleeson’s Talk, “Orange Is the New White: What Are You in Recovery to?” and Graf’s “Legos and ‘That Loving Feeling’” on YouTube.

Alumni Update: Department of Communication alumnus and IPFW chief communications officer John Kaufeld (M.A., professional communication , ’13) presented two seminars at the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis based on research he performed in the Department of Communication.

Alumni Update: Communication alumna Shelli Yoder (B.A. ‘91) announced that she will run again for the south-central Indiana seat in the US House of Representatives. Yoder will seek the Democratic nomination for the 9th District seat. View details here.


GeosciencesCommunity Outreach: IPFW’s Department of Geosciences faculty and students were invited to present a fossil display during the opening weekend of Jurassic World at the Carmike Cinema on Dupont Road. Check out the College of Arts and Sciences Facebook page for pictures of the event.


Faculty Grant: Nancy Virtue, professor of French, received a $2200 grant from the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE) Foundation to hold a French film festival on campus. She’s planning to organize the festival for spring 2016.

Student News: In spring 2015, members of the French club—Sarah Bercot (French and English undergraduate), Sara Jackson (English undergraduate), Lynn Kies (women's studies undergraduate), and Kaylyn O'Dell (mathematical sciences undergraduate)—went to France on a trip partially funded by IPFW's student government. They created a blog to document and reflect on their trip. Bercot, French club president, was instrumental in organizing the trip. Two other French majors, Audrey Alleyne-Quiniou and Destiny Brittain, will be spending fall 2015 semester in France.


Faculty in the News: Jack Schrey Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Sciences Lowell Beineke was the focus of a Journal Gazette article, “After 50 Years, Prof’s Enthusiasm Strong.” In it, Beineke talks about working at IPFW and his continued love for teaching.


Faculty in the News: The primary election season is upon us, and political science faculty are writing or are featured in many local news outlets. Andrew Downs, associate professor of political science, wrote an article for NPIR, entitled “Is Pence’s Reelection Bid in Trouble? and another for the Indy Star, “Andrew Downs: Who Decides Who’s a ‘Major’ Candidate?” Downs was also quoted in several articles including an article for WANE television, “Some Indiana Candidates Not Specific on Campaign Spending,” a NUVO article, “U.S. Senate Race on Level Playing Field,” and two additional Indy Star articles about LGBT rights, “How a Small Indiana City Became a Gay Rights Battleground” and “Is Carmel Compromise a Blueprint for State LGBT Law?

Faculty in the News: Associate Professor of Political Science Michael Wolf was featured in a Journal Gazette article about the upcoming primaries: “Debate a Chance to Shine, Stumble: Candidates’ Tactics on Display Tonight.”

Faculty in the News: James Toole, associate professor of political science was quoted in an article about the recent nuclear deal with Iran: “A Good Deal to Say: Two Academics See Much to Like in Iran Agreement.”


Faculty Presentation: Bernd Buldt, professor and chair of philosophy, was invited to give three tutorials on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems at the international Summer School UniLog 2015, Istanbul, Turkey, on June 22nd through 24th. Learn more here.

Faculty Publications: Abe Schwab, associate professor of philosophy, wrote many articles from mid-June to mid-August. He wrote three for NIPR, “Obamacare and SCOTUS, PART III: A Primer and Opinions on King v. Burnwell,” “The Failure of BMI as a Medical Metric,” and “William S.E. ‘Doc’ Coleman and Getting Paid to Talk.”  And two for the Journal Gazette, “Recent Cases Reveal How Ideology Can Blind Us” and “The False Promise of Defunding: Whether by Planned Parenthood or another Provider, Abortions Will Remain Available.”


Faculty Presentations: Mark Masters, professor and chair of physics; David Maloney, professor of physics; and Timothy T. Grove, associate professor of physics, presented at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer 2015 Meeting.

Physics Project: The week of July 20th, Steve Gillam, assistant professor of physics and former NASA scientist, and Mike Perkins, physics undergraduate, constructed a mini-observatory on IPFW’s North Campus. Perkins designed and built the aluminum base and integrated the control software. For pictures of the construction, see here. For more on the project, check out these Journal Gazette articles: “Stargazing at IPFW: University Building Observatory” and “Mini-Observatory to Be Built at IPFW.”

Outreach: Physics faculty and students went to Milford Elementary School Physics Studentsto speak with girls about physics on August 14th. The event was hosted by the Girls Scouts of America and over 200 girls, from kindergarten to sixth grade, were present. Physics undergraduates Matt Siri, Christopher Watkins, Miles Procise, Casey Weaver, and Samantha Minnick (pictured left to right) attended the event.


Faculty in the News: Jeannie DiClementi, associate professor of psychology, was featured in articles about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage. She was quoted in an NIPR article, “Fort Wayne’s Same-Sex Couples Celebrate Marriage Ruling” and a News Sentinel article, “IPFW Prof Sees Supreme Court Ruling as a Win for Her Family and Many Others.”

Faculty Grant: Ryan Yoder, associate professor of psychology, received a three-year renewal of his R15 grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, worth approximately $425,000.

Faculty in the News: Michelle Drouin, associate professor of psychology, was quoted in a Washington Post article, “‘Reign of Terror’: An Online Troll Destroys a Family’s Offline Life.” In it, Drouin spoke about online harassment and how the “internet allows for emotional distance between the harasser and the victim.”


Faculty Grant: Sherrie Steiner, assistant professor of sociology, received a $2,250 Service Engagement Grant from the Indiana Campus Compact.