College of Arts and Sciences

PI Math Club Event Archive 2012-13

  • End-of-Semester Picnic.  5:00 Friday, May 3, at the Friends Pavilion.PDF
  • PI Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon student talks:At this annual event, IPFW students talk about their research or independent projects. Talks are April 24, and will be about 15 minutes long. The talks will be judged for cash prizes.
    • Graph Theory and Crystal Physics - Harry Francies
    • Counting Euler Circuits - Cullen Hauser
    • Golden Discoveries - Vreneli Brenneman
    • Generalized Thompson Problem for 5 Points - Altun Shukurlu
    • Creative Applications of Design of Experiments - Magali de Macedo
    • Why Such a Big Deal About a Sample of 30 or More? - Peter Saya
  • Actuarial Q&A Session - with D. Tindall, actuary and IPFW alumnus.  Wednesday, March 27.  PDF Photos and Slides from the Event
  • Chili and Volleyball event: March 21.  Chili dinner and competition, starting at 5:30 in Athletic Center room 246, followed by Men's Volleyball vs. Ball State. PDF 
  • Joint with Math Colloquium: Edray Goins, Purdue W. L., on An Introduction to Dessins d'Enfants: The Intersection of Graph Theory, Group Theory, and Differential Geometry.  March 6, 2013.  PDF
     PI math talk
  • Lunchtime Video Presentation: The Story of 1, Feb. 18, 2013, in KT 216. PDF
  • Lunchtime Lecture: Prof. Dragnev, Characterizing stationary logarithmic points on the sphere, Jan. 30, 2013.PDF
  • End of Semester Party: Dec. 14, 2012.  PDF
  • Sloppy Joes and Basketball event:  Dec. 6.  PDF
  • Lunchtime Lecture: Prof. Beineke, Through the lurking graphs.  Nov. 14, 2012. PDF
    • Lurking behind many a game and puzzle is a graph. In this talk, we will look at a few of these, starting with the A-B-Cs of Asteroid, Bridg-It, and the Curious Coins. We may even go a little deeper with Dots and Boxes and Devious Dice
  • Lunchtime Lecture: Prof. Chauhan, Statistics lasts because it puts quality first. Oct. 17.  PDF
  • Book Sale: Tuesday/Wednesday, Oct. 2-3, 2012.
  • Video: The Story of Math, Sept. 26. PDF
  • Welcome Back Picnic: Sept. 10, 2012. PDF