College of Arts and Sciences

Pi Math Club event archive 2011-12

  • End of Semester Party: April 27, in the IPFW SCAN Children's Garden. PDF
  • PI Math Club student talks: At this annual event, IPFW students talk about their research or independent projects. Talks will be given on Wednesday, April 11, and will be about 15 minutes long. The talks will be judged, and the student presenting the best talk will receive $50. (Depending on the number, there may be separate competitions for undergraduate and graduate students.) Talks do not have to be cutting-edge mathematical or statistical research. A talk on a topic in the history of mathematics or statistics, a topic in applied or recreational mathematics, or a topic of general interest will be welcomed.
    • Two student talks:
    • Calculus for Climatologists, Guchen (Alex) Liu
    • The Easiest Solution Isn't Always the Best Solution, Even in Math, Aldane Hoilett
  • Lunchtime event: Prof. Peter Hamburger, Western Kentucky University, on Much Ado about Real Numbers, April 4.  PDF
  • Lunchtime event: The PI math club will be celebrating PI day March 14. There will be a brief program and we will all eat pie! A Pi Sudoku will be distributed at that time. The first student to turn in a correct solution to one of the secretaries in KT 200 will win a pie!  PDF
  • Lunchtime event: DVD showing Part 3 of The Music of the Primes, Feb. 29, 2012. PDF
  • Chili Supper and IPFW Men's Volleyball.  Gates Center 120, starting at 5:30, followed by the game at 7:00.   Feb. 17. PDF
  • Lunchtime event: DVD showing Part 1 of The Music of the Primes, Feb. 15. PDF
  • Lunchtime Lecture: Billy Rhoades, IU Bloomington Professor Emeritus, on Euler Was Right.  Jan. 25, 2012. PDF
    • Euler regarded power series as infinite polynomials, and therefore performed some operations that we would question. My talk focuses on one such situation, and describes the mathematics, developed over a century later, which verified his calculation.
  • End-of-Semester party, Dec. 9, 2011.  PDF
  • Sloppy joes at 6 in Gates 120, followed by Women's Volleyball at 7, Nov. 11, 2011.PDF
  • Lunchtime talk: J. Millspaw, IPFW Physics, Noisy Color Math, Oct. 19.PDF
  • PI Math Club Book Sale: Kettler Basement, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 4 and 5, 2011.
  • Welcome Back picnic: Monday, Sept. 12, 2011. PDF