College of Arts and Sciences

Besides your own instructor's office hours, you may use the office hours of other instructors too. The most recent schedule is available below - usually Common office hours are announced the third week of Spring and Fall semesters. The schedules are in PDF format, which can be read with the Acrobat™ Reader software. This software is free and available from Adobe's Web Site and installed on IPFW machines.

  • Spring 2014 Common Office Hours for precalculus students in MA 109, MA 113, MA 149, MA 153, MA 154, and MA 159. precalculus hours: pdf
  • Spring 2014 Common Office Hours for calculus students in MA 165, MA 166, MA 227, MA 228, MA 229, and MA 230. calculus hours: pdf

Also see the CASA Tutoring page.