College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Teaching Assistants

The following are graduate teaching assistants or research assistants for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Hanan Alyami
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: alyaH01 (at)

Magali de Macedo
Office: KT297
Phone: 260-481-5721
E-mail: demaM01 (at)

Theodore Eagleson
Office: KT293
Phone: 260-481-6102 
E-mail: eaglTR01 (at)

Sara Patrick
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: patrSL01 (at)

Adam Pyle
Office: KT293
Phone: 260-481-6102 
E-mail: pyleAM01 (at)