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  • The current IPFW Bulletin contains all course descriptions in Part six.  When making curriculum decisions it is important to use the correct version of the Bulletin (usually according to the time of first enrollment).
    Note: it is highly recommended to see your academic advisor prior to registration.

    CSD Bingo Sheet (Note: revised bingo sheet for students entering program Fall 2013 or later)  

CSD Course Offerings by Semester

CSD 11500  Intro Communication Disorders 3 X X
CSD 18100 1st Crs in American Sign Language 3 X As Needed
CSD 18200 2nd Crs in American Sign Language 3 X As Needed
CSD 30200 Acoustic Bases of Speech & Hear'g 3 X X
CSD 30400 Anat & Phys of Speech & Hear'g Mech 4 X X
CSD 30600 Intro to Phonetics 3 X X
CSD 30900 Language Development 3 X
CSD 32100 Intro Phonological Disorders in Child. 3 X
CSD 39900 Directed Study in Audiol & Speech Sci 1-3 As Needed
CSD 40500 Aug. & Computer Appl. in Spch/Lang 3 X
CSD 40600 Field Experience in Augmentative/Altern. Commun. 1 X
CSD 41600 Intro to Assmt of Commun. Disorders 3 X
CSD 42000 Intro Developmtl Spch & Lang Disord. 3 X
CSD 43000 Spch/Lang Disorders in Hlthcare Set'g 3 X
CSD 44900 Intro to Clinic Practice in Spch/Lang 3 X
CSD 46000 Intro to Assessmt in Audiology 4 X X
CSD 54900 Clinic Practice in Spch/Lang Pathology 3 X
CSD 55000 Aural Rehab for Adults 4 X
CSD 55100 Aural Rehab for Children 3 As Needed
*CSD 59000 Directed Study of Special Problems 1-3 X X

*CSD 59000 application is available upon request to the department.