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College of Arts and Sciences

Advisory Council


To assist the IPFW CSD department a) to meet the community needs for speech-language pathologists (and audiologists) in NE Indiana, b) to provide professional expertise for locating off-campus clinical practicum sites, c) to assist with fund raising for specific purposes such as CSD student scholarships or funding for specialized equipment or technology needs, and d) to enhance the community awareness for the CSD programs.


The number of the board should be no larger than 6 members. The department chairperson serves as an ex-officio member.

Suggested Characteristics

Suggested characteristics of members include being a community agency representative/administrator; SLP or AUD in private practice; local schools lead SLP or director for students with special needs; First Steps Coordinator/Director or other administrator from an agency providing professional services, and a rehabilitation representative (preferably SLP or related therapy) from a local hospital.

Term of Service

Board members will be appointed for three years.  To enable new people to be invited to the board in the future, a member can serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms.  A member must be off the board for at least one year before being eligible for additional terms.

Member Responsibilities

Each board member is expected to:

  1. Attend one meeting per year
  2. Actively participate in the functioning of the board
  3. Be available for individual consultation to the CSD department chairperson
  4. Actively engage in suggesting clinical practicum sites, provide contacts for possible funding sources for the specific projects, aid in enhancing community awareness
  5. Write or sign letters endorsing the CSD department’s solicitations

Officers and Committee Members

The board will elect a chairperson and vice-chair/secretary.  Minutes will be taken during the meeting.  The board chairperson will maintain the official record of the board deliberations and work.

Current officers and committee members are:

  • Theresa Oberley 2006-2011 (FWCS), Chairperson
  • Robin Foust 2011-current (Lutheran Rehabilitation Hospital), Vice-Chairperson
  • Nancy Loraine 2006-2010 (Turnstone)
  • Lucy Hess 2011-current (Former CSD Dept Chair)
  • Dr. Mohan Rao 2006-2010 (ENT Associates)