College of Health and Human Services

Associate of Science in Radiography to be replaced by the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging

The 2014-2015 admission cycle is the final admission cycle for the A.S. degree in Radiography.

Students must be ready to apply for the professional program by March 2, 2015 in order to be eligible to complete the A.S. degree in Radiography.

Students who will apply to the professional program after March 2, 2015 must be ready to apply for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging

Radiography AS Degree Requirements


Advising Bingo Sheet - AS Radiography 

                                         Pre-Radiography General Education


Course Title


 BIOL 203  Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
 BIOL 204  Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
 COM 114 or COM 212  Speech/Interpersonal Communication 3
 ENG W131  Elementary Composition 3
 MA 153  Algebra & Trigonometry I 3
 PSY 120  Elementary Psychology 3
 NURS 106  Medical Terminology 3


Professional Radiography Education - Required Courses (57 credits)

Term Course Course Name Credits
Fall (12 cr)


RADX-R105 Orientation to Radiography/Medical Imaging 2
RADX-R106 Fundamentals of Patient Care for Med Imaging 2
RADX-R111 Radiography I with Lab 3
RADX-R190 Introduction to Clinical Education 2
RADX-R270 Radiologic Physics 3
Spring (12 cr)
RADX-R191 Clinical Education I 3
RADX-R211 Radiography II with Lab 3
RADX-R271 Foundations of Image Acquisition 3
RADX-R304 Cross Sectional Anatomy 3
Sum I (2 cr)
RADX-R192 Clinical Education II 2
Sum II  (2 cr) RADX-R291 Clinical Education III 2
Fall (14 cr) RADX-R206 Advanced Patient Care in Medical Imaging 2
RADX-R215 Medical Imaging Modalities 3
RADX-R255 Radiation Biology/Protection in Radiography 3
RADX-R292 Clinical Education IV 3
RADX-R371 Advanced Image Acquisition 3
Spring (15 cr) RADX-R293 Clinical Education V 3
RADX-R305 Radiography Image Critique 3
RADX-R306 Radiography Pathology 3
RADX-R310 Seminar in Radiography 3
RADX-R401 Legal Issues in Imaging 3

   * Course sequence subject to change at the discretion of the Radiography Chair

Fall and Spring Semester:  Clock Hour/Credit Hour Ratio

  • Lecture:  1 Clock Hour = 1 Credit Hour
  • Lab:  2-3 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour
  • Clinical:  6 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour

Summer I and II Session:  Clock Hour/Credit Hour Ratio*

  • Lecture:  2.5 Clock Hour = 1 Credit Hour
  • Lab:  5-7.5 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour
  • Clinical:  15 Clock Hours = 1 Credit Hour

*This is course work offered during a summer session and that is equivalent in content, contact hours, and credit value to course work offered during a regular semester. Because the length of the course differs from the regular semester, all deadlines and time periods will be prorated. 

Transfer Credit Policy

General Education Prerequisite Coursework
Transfer credits will be accepted for courses equivalent to General Education Prerequisite courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities in which the student has earned a C- or higher.  Equivalents to application requirements will be evaluated on an individual basis upon petition from an applicant.

Professional Education Coursework
Requests for transfer credits for professional radiography courses will be reviewed by the Department of Radiography on an individual basis.  A request for such transfer credit does not guarantee approval of credit.