College of Health and Human Services

Mission Statement

The IPFW Department of Medical Imaging and Radiologic Sciences
is committed to preparing highly qualified medical imaging
technologists by integrating an outsanding baccalaureate
academic education with a comprehensive clinical experience.

Program Goals

  1. Students will communicate effectively in the health care setting.
  1. Students will utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  1. Students will model professional skills and behavior.
  1. Students will demonstrate clinical competency.
  1. Graduates of the program will be competent entry-level radiologic technologists.

Student Outcomes

A graduate of the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication with patients and healthcare staff.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication and oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrate logical sequence and procedural variations for non-routine situations.
  • Evaluate the quality of radiographic images.
  • Demonstrate the professional responsibilities of medical imaging technologists.
  • Demonstrate clinical procedural proficiency.
  • Demonstrate radiation safety practices.
  • Demonstrate appropriate response to medical emergency situations.