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College of Health and Human Services

The Hospitality Management Association acts as a means through which the IPFW Hospitality Management students may experience the diversity of the Hospitality industry and the local community. Each student of the IPFW Hospitality Management department is a member, and our association is lead by members of the board. We will sponsor events such as trips, activities, functions, and other events to enrich our comprehension of the industry.

Officers for 2014-15 Academic Year

President:          Stephanie Weaver   paynsa01@students.ipfw.edu

Vice President:   Hannah Yermasek      florhr01@students.ipfw.edu

Secretary:         Thalia Munoz          munot101@students.ipfw.edu

Treasurer:         Sara Williamson          willsr05@students.ipfw.edu

Support Officer: Amber Meneghello  meaneal02@students.ipfw.edu