College of Education and Public Policy

Graduate Programs

Welcome to our Graduate Programs!

In the College of Education and Public Policy (CEPP) we have 8 graduate programs. Many of the programs are offer classes later in the day. Several classes are offered as a hybrid meaning we have combined the best of face to face meetings and on-line learning. This translates into your class meeting on campus once a week with an on-line learning component. Our students praise the small class size, full-time professors and best teaching practices used in our programs. Explore our programs and then contact a professor listed in an area of study you would like to pursue.

Couple & Family Counseling

Photo of the IPFW Community Counseling Center

All classes offered late afternoon or evening.


Public Affairs

Photo of Dr. Mbuba with a graduate student at commencement.

Interested in working with public institutions? Earn a master's.

School Counseling

Photo of graduate counseling students.

Learn how you can be a school counselor.

Special Education - Mild Intervention

Photo of a child using adaptive learning.

Earn a master's or certificate.

Educational Leadership

Photo of Dr. Batagiannis with education leadership students.

IPFW Educational Leadership graduates are Competent, Caring and Courageous. Join Them!

Public Management

Photo of Dr. Rayburn teaching class.

Thinking about graduate school? Give us a call.

Special Education - Intense Intervention

Photo of an IPFW student working with a young student.

Only 12 credits to earn certificate!

Teaching English as a New Language

Photo of a tutor working with a student.

Add an EL endorsement to your teacher license.


Student Success Story

Photo of Angela Craig and two other graduate students.

Angela Craig, Public Policy Spring 2013 graduate student shared these thoughts about her education, "I had an excellent experience as a graduate student at IPFW. It was wonderful to be able to pursue my Master's Degree at a school close to my
home, while being a working adult. Everyone in the department was very supportive and willing to work with me, especially during my pregnancy. Working on an Independent Study was a valuable opportunity for me to learn more about research in my chosen field. It was also a fantastic experience to serve as the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the department as well, and I really appreciate that I was given that opportunity."

Thank you for all your help with everything!