College of Education and Public Policy

Assistant Professor Rachel L. Rayburn

Rachel L. Rayburn, Ph.D. Photo of Rachel L. Rayburn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

  • Office: Neff Hall, 260F
  • Phone: 260-481-6532
  • E-mail:
  • Office Hours: Monday, 4:15-6:00 P.M.; Wednesday, 1:45-3:00 p.m.; and by appointment


  • University of Central Florida Ph.D., 2011, Sociology
  • University of Central Florida M.S., 2008, Applied Sociology
  • Florida State University B.S., 2005, Interdisciplinary Social Science

Research Interests

Professor Rayburn's research interests focus on evaluation research, drug/alcohol use and abuse, qualitative research methods, poverty and homelessness, and criminology.

Selected Publications

Rayburn, Rachel L., Elizabeth Grauerholz, Timothy Colyer, Nicholas Guittar, Jaime Hecht, Mandi Barringer, and Elizabeth Swart. 2012. The Chaste Ethnographer forthcoming in Qualitative Inquiry.

Rayburn, Rachel L., Heili Pals and James D. Wright. 2012. Death, Drugs, and Disaster: Mortality Among New Orleans Homeless, The Journal of Long Term Home Health Care 13:1-11.

Wright. James D. and Rachel L. Rayburn. 2012. Felons and Gun Control, in Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law ABC-CLIO, Second edition.

Wright, James D., Amy M. Donley, and Rachel L. Rayburn. 2012.The Drunk, the Addicted, and the Just Plain Shiftless; Chapter Eight in Wright and Donley, Poor and Homeless in the Sunshine State: Down and Out in Theme Park Nation. Piscataway, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Rayburn, Rachel L. and Jay Corzine. 2010. Your Shelter or Mine?: Romantic Relationships Among the Homeless, Deviant Behavior 31:756-774.

Rayburn, Rachel L. and James D. Wright. 2010. Sobering Up on the Streets: Homeless Men in Alcoholics Anonymous, Society 47:333-336.

Rayburn, Rachel L. and James D. Wright. 2009. Never Pick a Fight with an Ugly Person, They've Got Nothing to Lose, Society 46:347-349.

Rayburn, Rachel L. and James D. Wright. 2009. Homeless Men in Alcoholics Anonymous: Barriers to Achieving and Maintaining Sobriety, Applied Social Science 3:55-70.

Professional Organizations

American Association for Public Opinion Research
American Sociological Association
   Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
   Inequality, Proverty, and Mobility
American Society of Criminology
Society for the Study of Social Problems
   Division on Drinking and Drugs
   Division on Poverty, Class and Inequality
Southern Sociological Association