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IPFW is proud to have hundreds of distinguished graduates who are now working as educational leaders of highly effective P-12 schools. You can become one of them. 

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The Educational Leadership program has as its highest priority the academic foundation and practical experience necessary to prepare its candidates for an Indiana license as a Building Level Administrator. Through either an accelerated cohort or self-paced pathway, you can attain a M.S. in Educational Leadership that connects extensive field experience in regional schools with the learning expectations of each academic course and open the door to a rewarding profession. Come explore your place in leadership!

IPFW offers a 36 credit hour Master of Science (M.S.) degree program that prepares the candidates to apply for an Indiana Building Level Administrator License based on the professional standards of the Educational Leadership Constituents Consortium (ELCC) and Indiana Content Standards for Building Leaders (ICS). The program offers two pathways toward completion. Each pathway includes the same program requirements but the programs vary in the schedule and delivery of the required courses. Throughout the program, courses blend theory and practice through multiple and substantial field experiences of work directly in the P-12 school setting.

Both programs open with Introduction to Educational Leadership (EDUC A500), the prerequisite for the remaining courses. After completing fifteen credit hours of educational leadership courses, you may enroll in Practicum in Educational Leadership (EDUC A695), the course in which you are immersed in the learning community and provided opportunity to develop and demonstrate competence as a school leader. The Practicum offers minimally 160 hours of administrative work in a school setting under the guidance of a qualified on-site mentor. Structured as an opportunity to engage you in the work of the building leader in each of the ELCC and ICS standard areas, you complete five hours per week for two semesters or ten hours per week for one semester.

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Photo of Dr. J. Wylie Sirk IIDr. J. Wylie Sirk II
Program Director/Clinical Assistant Professor



Photo of Stella C. Batagiannis, Ph.D.Dr. Stella C. Batagiannis
Associate Professor



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Dr. Laura Link
Assistant Professor

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Student Testimonial

"IPFW's educational leadership was transformative for me in many ways. It reinforced many of my educational views, but it did challenge me both professionally and personally. There's also something to be said about a program that has the best of both worlds: theory and practice. In short, the educational leadership program prepares its students to enter and ultimately thrive in an educational climate that needs courageous leaders."
-Kyle Coffman, Assistant Principal Plymounth High School

Vision Statement

The IPFW Educational Leadership program prepares leaders who are proficient in theory, practice, scholarship, and reflection who can creatively take on the educational leadership challenges that confront 21st century urban, suburban, and rural schools.