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College of Education and Public Policy

Welcome to the advising center for undergraduate education majors. This center is referred to as the Educational Planning and Information Center (EPIC).

Mission statement:  EPIC advises, educates, and supports students, community members, faculty, and staff to be high-quality professional educators.

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Services offered:

                             NOTE:  The CORE content test for School Counselors will be required for all
                                           school  counselor license applications submitted on or after June 1, 2015.  
                                           The pedagogy test is NOT required for school counselors or school administrators.  

Two academic advisors are available in the EPIC department to assist you. A good relationship with your advisor can greatly enhance your educational experience. Both you and your advisors have responsibilities in this relationship, but the ultimate responsibility for completing the degree requirements rests with you. Successful students take advantage of the advising offered by the department to avoid errors and delays in their academic progress.

Cassandra Bracht will start with you as your advisor until you fulfill the requirements for admission to professional education, which is typically the first two years.  She will assist you in creating a four year plan of study to fulfill the requirements for completing your degree.

Jim Beard will then advise you after you have been admitted to professional education, which is typically the last two years. He will work with you to complete your degree and assist you with obtaining your license after you graduate so that you can start your professional career as an educator.

Jim Beard

Jim Beard, M.A.
Director of Educational Planning and Information Center



Photo of Cassandra Bracht, M.S.Ed.Cassandra Bracht, M.S.Ed.
Coordinator of Advising

  • Office: Neff Hall, 243F
  • For an appointment call: 260-481-6449
  • For questions email: brachtc@ipfw.edu



Photo of Jim Beard advising an education student.Jim Beard advising an education student.