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Barry Kanpol was born in Melbourne, Australia. He immigrated to Israel in 1973 and completed his High School Diploma in an American International School. He received his B.A. in English Literature and English certification in 1980. He taught English Literature and Language in Israeli Public Schools, grades 9-12 for 3 years. He immigrated to the United States in 1983 and received his M.A. in 1984 and Ph.D. in 1987 from The Ohio State University. In the United States, he has lived in Columbus, Ohio, Greensboro, North Carolina, Orange, California as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

His academic interests revolve around the role of teachers in the social order. As a sociologist of Education, Dr. Kanpol has linked issues of race, class and gender to topical concerns in Education: Federal and State Educational Policies and reforms, Multicutural Education, Urban Education and the role of Popular Culture. Dr. Kanpol has authored 10 books (single authored or edited/co-edited). His most popularly read books are Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction; Critical Multiculturalism: Uncommon Voices in a Common Struggle; From Nihilism to Possiblity: Democratic Transformations for the Inner City and Teacher Education; and Urban Education: The Move from the Traditional to the Pragmatic. Dr. Kanpol has published over 70 refereed articles, many in prestigious journals such as Harvard Educational Review, Educational Theory, Educational Foundations, The Journal of Educational Thought, and Urban Review, among others.

Dr. Kanpol is married and has 4 children, one of whom is attending Ball State University, one Baruch University in New York and two other children , both attending Fort Wayne Community Schools. Dr. Kanpol is an avid golfer, bowler, and hiker. He likes to travel the U.S. and see as many sites as possible. He is also an avid Rugby fan, Australian Rules Football Fan and of course a big supporter of his kid's soccer clubs.