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Photo of Dr. Kanpol

"As a professor, nothing could be more exhilarating than linking theory to practice in ways that allow potential teachers and administrators to connect their particular role as active citizens who struggle to do what is right by their students and the schools they work in! To do so both sincerely and passionately as well as with firm commitment, is I believe the way to create a more just society."

Dr. Kanpol, Social Foundations Professor

Faculty Feature

Photo of Joe D. Nichols, Ph.D.

I learn best by exploring and by constructing new ideas, but also by watching, reading, listening, writing, and rewriting until the combination of effort and hard work blend inconspicuously with creativity and exploration. This effort combined with an an attitude of service to my students and the community sets the stage for me to positively influence the next generation of teachers.

Joe D. Nichols, Ph.D., Professor in Educational Studies