Doermer School of Business MBA Programs

Graduate assistantships are available on a limited basis to full-time MBA students. Graduate assistants receive a stipend plus a tuition remission up to a maximum of 12 credits per semester (special course fees may apply). Graduate assistantships carry a service obligation to the Doermer School of Business and Management Sciences that may include assisting faculty with research projects, teaching assignments, or performing other designated activities. Half-time assistantships require 20 hours per week, and quarter-time assistantships carry a 10-hour-per-week time commitment. Assistantships may be renewed contingent on satisfactory performance evaluation every semester. Graduate assistants are expected to make normal progress toward their degrees, maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 or better, and remain full time students.

Applicants for graduate assistantships should attach a letter and resume to their application for admission that describes their skills, work experiences, and special abilities that may be useful to a faculty member or to the school. The deadlines for graduate assistantship applications are July 15 and November 15 for assistantships beginning with the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Assistantships are not available during summer semester.


Graduate Assistantship Application