Diversity Council

Civility Statement

University Civility Statement

Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne is committed to the goals and ethics of academic investigation and education. The foundation of academic pursuit is the process of free inquiry, in which individuals may openly explore and express ideas. Free inquiry requires an environment that encourages open investigation, as well as the educational growth and positive social development of individuals. Therefore, it is important to state explicitly the ethics that define our academic community.

Prominent among the values that define the academic community is civility, which includes mutual respect, fairness, and politeness. Membership in any community requires a concern for the common good for all who belong to that community. Each individual may possess different ideas, as well as different ways of communicating those ideas, particularly in a community as varied and diverse as a university. Because of these differences, respect and civility are integral to maintaining the quality of the academic environment and free inquiry. Respect and civility should therefore be afforded to all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, family status, socioeconomic level, educational background, veteran status, or position at the university.

Because it is not possible to establish a set of rules or guidelines that will address every issue of civility, all members of the academic community are called upon to promote and value this ethic of common respect and civility. Ultimately, such a community-wide concern will assure the continuation of a free and open exchange of ideas.